About us

We are your favourite store.

The story of vegebaby began in 2012 – a book on how to start establishing healthy eating habits in kids. Now we are taking it a step further by launching food products in their purest form.

The name as it sounds comes from a combination of Vegetables and baby pronounced VEGEEBABY. The meaning of the word signifies two things: Natural and Pure. In the midst of our fast daily life, eating healthy seems like a challenge as we continue to binge on refined foods and foods that can be delivered to us as soon as we order. However, VEGEBABY feels that eating healthy shouldn’t be such a challenge and we are pleased to present to you our world of health and happiness.

VEGEBABY’s current offering is a range of multipurpose cold pressed oils that can be used to cook, dress your salads and use tropically for your hair and skin. What is unique about this oils is that they are produced with minimal to no heat (meaning retaining maximum nutrition) and pressed only once (meaning first press only). This essentially means that all the oils are extra virgin quality. With such a wide variety we are reattempting to bring back the historic eating habits of our ancestors with unrefined and unfiltered oils.


Our mission is to help simplify and inspire healthy eating.

Our Oils

Humans have been using oils almost since the beginning of time but have seem to have lost our way in what their real purpose was. Certainly aint intended to refine them like they’ve done n not solely to brush our non-stick pans. Our oils are only made using the best European technology in utmost clean environment keeping the nutritional value intact. We are very proud to serve you with single press only – extra virgin cold press oils – oils so good that we term them as oils good for Gods.

Our company is based out of Surat India and is headed by Hiren Kapasia. Our products will soon be available on all online platforms across the world. Thank you for trusting us with your health.