Natural Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil Pulling / Mouth wash
Natural Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil Pulling / Mouth wash

Natural Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil Pulling / Mouth wash

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  • Can Kill Harmful Bacteria in Your Mouth
  • Could Help Reduce Bad Breath
  • May Help Prevent Cavities
  • Seems to Reduce Inflammation and Improve Gum Health

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. It is often associated with Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system from India. Studies suggest that oil pulling can kill bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health. Some alternative medicine practitioners also claim that it can help treat several diseases like bleeding gum, gingivitis.

While it’s not entirely clear how oil pulling works, it’s claimed to be antibacterial. It may also help by moisturizing your gums and increasing saliva production, which can reduce bacteria. Some types of oil also contain properties that can naturally reduce inflammation and bacteria to promote oral health. This formulation contains various oils including coconut, sesame, sunflower, lemongrass, peppermint, clove etc. 


I have used this product during lockdown and I must say this is one of the best that I used so far for my hair. I use this before shampooing and voila my hair looks so bouncy and love the way it appears. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get good hair and utilise the free time at home

Shreshtha Das

Well i had been using for a while now in water specifically in the morning and it had resulted very good during constipation and weight loss journey also it helps in controlling the insulin to minute level to diabetic control. Would recommend further to people for using it on regularly basis

Muskaan kharbanda